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Marcador Amarelo

Porque há momentos que merecem destaque!

Marcador Amarelo

Porque há momentos que merecem destaque!


No more teen

Diz que Estuda

Oh my god, I just can't believe i'm not going to be considered a teenager anymore! I'll be a young adult and I must behave as one, all the responsabilities, all the promisses. No more Santa, no more childish games, no more crying at the hospital. Even if I'm scared to death of something I won't have an excuse because that's a child thing not an adult one. So, Why do people grow up? Who's dictated that adults can't have fears and have to support all the pain? What if my fears have been here since I was a child and I've never been able to go through? 

Well, I miss my childhood, I miss those dreams I used to have (some of them became true but others won't), I miss being able to be mistaken and doing stupid things just because I was a teen. But, I can't say I'm unhappy 'cause I've amazing best friends and I'm studying hard subjects that I really enjoy. I've got a family that strongly supports me and I feel loved :)

I do believe that now, happiness will be achived by walking different roads, by feeling other things and by changing the concept of that state of spirit. I'm still searching for those "things" and to understand where I can find them. All the transitions in our life are difficult and take time 'cause it's the way they occur also in Mother Nature. And We may never forget that we belong to her.

A semente rebenta e cresce devagar. Só mais tarde está pronta para florescer :)

Não me perguntem porque decidi escrever o texto em inglês (e admito que haja bastantes erros porque já não escrevo em inglês há imenso tempo). 

E isto acabou por ser uma espécie de desabafo que mais tarde terei com certeza muito prazer em recordar!